Shannon & Eric - 2nd to None Entertainment
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Shannon & Eric

Wedding, Wedding
About This Project
What makes a wedding fun and unforgettable? The music, dancing, and good time of course!
What makes a wedding the very best? 2nd to None Entertainment!
Usually you get engaged, book your venue, and then start looking for your vendors. In my husband’s and my case, we made sure 2nd To None DJ was available for our wedding date before even leaving a deposit at our venue!
To put it simply, we danced our butts off!!! Everyone did!!! My husband Eric and I got sooooooo many compliments! “Who is your DJ? Can I have their contact information? Oh my God! I danced ALL night! You guys were having the time of your lives!” And, everyone was right, we did!
I imagine a DJs worst nightmare may be the list of songs a bride and maybe even groom want played at their wedding. I’m not talking about the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance…I am talking about the list of, “Please make sure you play — because I want to dance to it.”
Well, Jeff NAILED it! He played everything we wanted to hear and then some! From Pitbull to Sinatra to Luke Bryan and everything in between, everyone was up on their feet!
My husband and I literally danced our ENTIRE wedding!!!
You’ve got to remember, being a new (and one-time-only) bride, there is a lot you are nervous about. What time do things happen throughout the course of the wedding? How do you know when it’s time to cut the cake? Things of that nature. Well, when you’re dealing with professionals, YOU don’t need to know, or worry about, any of that!!!!
I could not be any happier with our DJ choice – THIS my husband and I can agree on!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jeff, the BESTTTTTTTTT DJ E V E R, for putting up with me (even though he would NEVER see it like that, I know I can be neurotic), the crazy bride! Thank you Steve…you were an ahhhhhhmazingggggggg MC – from getting people up to dance to letting me know when my country set would be on so I could change into my white cowboy boots – you ROCK! Thank you Billy for the best lighting, photos just-as-good as our photographer’s, and for making Eric and I shine in the best possible way! Thank you Marty for a super-fun-filled photo “booth” with a personalized backdrop and red carpet – you made us and our guests feel very VIP. From our names and wedding date on the dance floor, our first dance and our last, and everything in between…it is with heartfelt gratitude and love that I thank you ALL for making Eric’s and my wedding the wedding of a lifetime!!! And for this, I will recommend you forever and a day!
If you choose another DJ, you will regret it. Don’t regret it!!! Choose 2nd to None! Otherwise… #ourDJisbetterthanyours
Shannon & Eric Lutz
Wedding 8.6.16