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Wedding Band vs DJ

Wedding Band Vs. DJ

Wedding Band vs DJ

For some people one of the hardest wedding decisions is trying to choose between a Live Band or using having DJ Entertainment.  Coming from someone who absolutely loves music, there is nothing like live music (If they don’t suck)   People come and sit with us and they tell us they wanted to go with a live band, but they couldn’t afford it.  To be honest, there is probably about a ten percent of the population that can afford it.  I don’t know what the out of state prices are for some of these bands, but to pay close to 10k for ten piece band is insane.  Don’t get me wrong, I have heard a few bands out there, and they can perform to any crowd and get them going.  But on many more occasions, I have had to sit or force myself to dance through someone absolutely butcher a new song that just came out on the radio.  But these are some of the things that you have to expect.  I can bet that any band can play a song that they have played for years in perfect harmony.  That is another reason these bands cost so much, good ones practice as a group on multiple times a month.  As a DJ, if I need to practice some new mixes, I can do it in a room or garage by myself.  I do not have to get the hassle of getting together ten people at the same time.


This is why we tell people to go with a DJ, but to bring in some professional musicians to play along.  There is no better feel than the live percussionist during a dance set.  I am not talking about a guy just slamming the drums up there.  I mean professional!!  Because when you use one of our live percussionists at your wedding, I can guarantee that your guests will be asking where you found them.  Another fan favorite is using our live Sax Players.  Two things that I love for the sax players to play for is the cocktail hour and also during dinner.  The sax is both classy and romantic.  It can give a really nice twist to your event to provide your guests with some live entertainment.  As of recent, the electronic violinist has been requested by a numerous amount of people.  Only problem with this is the high demand for them and the few amount of people who play this instrument.  We were at one of the top wedding venues in Long Island, and the violinist we used had the entire staff of the hall mesmerized at their performance.  It was depressing as a DJ because at times people stopped dancing to listen to them play the electric violin.  But overall, if you are tampering back and forth between a Band or a DJ, your best bet is to choose a DJ, add in some live musicians and save yourself about half the price of one of the best bands.

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