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Wedding DJ Entertainment

Wedding DJ Entertainment

Wedding DJ Entertainment

So the time comes for you to start shopping around for your DJ entertainment for the most important day of your life.  The question is, where do you even start looking.  Most halls in the New York and Long Island area have their “Vendor List” and they tell you that they are all the best.  I agree, most of them are excellent at what they do.  So you go in to sit with these sales reps for the vendors and they start telling you, “We do 300 weddings a year”!!!   That’s when I just get annoyed.  That is close to 6 parties a weekend.  I know there are companies that may do  these numbers.  I congratulate them, but I am going to tell you straight out, I can not imagine the personal connection between DJ/MC and the Bride and Groom.

I know, we may not do 100 weddings a year right now, but to tell you the truth, I do not want to do 100 weddings a year.  Unlike the big time companies, when you book us, you get us.  Our DJ or MC is the one who sits down with you from start to the end of your wedding.  If you sit and talk with someone, you want them to be at your wedding day.  Not a random DJ that you don’t know from a hole in the wall.  I like being personal with the bride and groom.  You have to know who your DJ is, not just a company name.  If you have a change in anything in your wedding, wouldn’t you want to tell the person that is going to be at wedding?  No disrespect to other vendors, but your wedding is going to be remembered by two things, the food or catering hall, and the entertainment, whether it is a DJ or band.  We are going to be there through the whole process with you.  Don’t get me wrong, emergencies do happen when we may have to rely on other DJ’s and MC’s to cover us, but we are human too.  By taking 4 jobs on a day, we can’t staff that with quality   Quality over quantity!!!!



PS-This guy in the video deserves way more than $50 for dedication and creativity!!


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